What to see in London in 3 days

London is a fascinating city, full of history, culture and entertainment, from the iconic tourist sites to the lesser-known neighbourhoods. If you only have three days to visit London, we recommend that you plan your time in order to make the most of your stay in the city.
In this guide, we’ll tell you what to see in London in 3 days so you can get the authentic London experience.
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Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster

Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster are two of London’s most iconic landmarks and are a must-see for any tourist in the city.

The Palace of Westminster is home to the UK Parliament and is one of the most impressive buildings in London. The gothic architecture of the building is impressive, and the clock towers with the famous Big Ben are a symbol recognised the world over. As the inside of the building cannot be visited by foreigners, if you want a good view of Big Ben, we recommend going on the London Eye, the highest Ferris wheel in Europe.

A visit to the Palace of Westminster is a unique opportunity to learn about the political history of England, as well as to admire the architecture and beauty of one of the city’s most iconic buildings. While access to certain areas of the Palace of Westminster is restricted, it is possible to visit the building with a guided tour.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of London’s most historic and iconic landmarks and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989. Founded in the 11th century, the Abbey is known for being the coronation place of British monarchs and the tomb of many of them. It is also the venue for many royal weddings and funerals.

The architecture of the abbey is impressive, with its tall Gothic towers and intricately carved details. In addition, its interior houses a wealth of art and sculpture, including the famous monument to the Unknown Soldier and the tomb of Isaac Newton.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the residence of the British Royal Family in London since 1837. It is a stunning example of Georgian architecture and is world famous for its famous Changing of the Guard. It is a popular attraction for tourists, and is a unique opportunity to see the guards in their traditional uniforms and hats up close.

In addition to the changing of the guard, Buckingham Palace also offers an art gallery and a series of state rooms, which are open to the public during the summer.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of London’s largest and most famous parks, covering over 140 hectares.

It is a popular spot for Londoners and tourists alike, who flock to the park to enjoy nature and the great outdoors in the heart of the city.

The park has a wide variety of attractions and activities, including boating on the Serpentine Lake, children’s play areas, tennis courts, bowling greens, jogging and cycling trails, and more.

In addition to recreational activities, Hyde Park also has a number of cultural attractions, such as the “Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain”, a memorial fountain dedicated to Princess Diana, and Speakers’ Corner, a place where anyone can speak freely and discuss current affairs.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is an iconic public square in the heart of London, named after the Battle of Trafalgar, a British naval victory over the French and Spanish fleet during the Napoleonic Wars. The square is an important cultural and entertainment centre in the city, and is one of London’s most visited attractions.

At the centre of the square is Nelson’s Column, an impressive granite structure that commemorates the victory at the Battle of Trafalgar and pays tribute to British Admiral Horatio Nelson. It is also possible to find a large number of sculptures and fountains in the square.

In addition to this, Trafalgar Square is also known for its many cultural and entertainment events. Concerts, festivals, fairs and other events are held in the square, especially during the Christmas season.


London’s Chinatown, is a vibrant and bustling neighbourhood in the heart of the city that offers an authentic experience of Chinese culture and cuisine. Here you can find a variety of shops, restaurants, markets and souvenir shops, as well as enjoy the Chinese New Year celebrations. If you are interested in Asian culture, Chinatown is a must-see during your stay in London.

Picardilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is an iconic square in central London, known for its famous illuminated advertisements, Guardian Angel statue and Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain. It is a popular meeting point for tourists and Londoners, surrounded by shops, restaurants and theatres. It is also close to other famous tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the National Gallery, making it an ideal place to explore the city.

Tower Bridge

Another classic on any visit to London is Tower Bridge. It is one of the bridges that crosses the River Thames and connects the Tower of London with the northern part of Southwark.

Visitors can take a tour of the bridge and its elevated walkway, which is 42 metres high and offers spectacular views of the river and the city.

Candem Town

Camden Town is a vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood in London, known for its alternative vibe, vintage clothing shops, markets, live music and diverse food scene.

Camden Town is home to the famous Camden Market, which features a wide variety of shops, food stalls and art, and is one of the largest and most popular markets in the city.

The British Museum

The British Museum is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world. It houses an impressive collection of objects from all over the world, from Egyptian mummies and artefacts from Ancient Greece and Rome, to historical objects from Asia, America and Oceania.

The museum contains more than 8 million works. Among the most famous pieces are the Rosetta Stone, which helped decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the friezes from the Parthenon in Athens.

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