What to see in Budapest in 4 days

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a fascinating city with a rich history, impressive architecture, and vibrant cultural life. Divided by the Danube River into Buda and Pest, the city offers a unique combination of historical, cultural, and natural attractions. In this 4-day itinerary, we will explore the highlights of Budapest, ensuring you make the most of your visit. Before you start your trip, be sure to book your stay through Booking Hotel to find the perfect accommodation.

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What to See in Budapest on Day 1

Exploring Buda Morning

Start your journey on the Buda side, known for its hills and panoramic views. The first stop is the Buda Castle, a majestic structure that houses museums and galleries. Tour the Budapest History Museum and the Hungarian National Gallery to immerse yourself in the country’s history and art. From here, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Day 1 in Budapest Afternoon

Head to the Fisherman’s Bastion, a neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque lookout that offers stunning views of the Danube and the Hungarian Parliament. Don’t forget to visit the Matthias Church, a historic church with a spectacular facade and richly decorated interior. Stroll through the cobblestone streets of the Castle District and enjoy the medieval atmosphere.

Day 1 in Budapest Evening

End your day at the Rudas Baths, one of the oldest spas in Budapest. Relax in the healing thermal waters and enjoy nighttime views of the city from its outdoor pool. For dinner, you can choose from one of the many local restaurants offering traditional Hungarian cuisine.

What to See in Budapest on Day 2

Discovering Pest Morning

Cross the Chain Bridge and explore the Pest side. Start at the Budapest Parliament, one of the city’s most iconic buildings. Take a guided tour to admire its neo-Gothic architecture and learn about its history.

What to See on Day 2 in Budapest Afternoon

Stroll down Andrássy Avenue, an elegant boulevard filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. Don’t miss the Hungarian State Opera House and visit the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the largest church in Budapest. Enjoy lunch at one of the many cafes on the avenue.

Day 2 in Budapest Evening

Head to Heroes’ Square, an impressive monument dedicated to Hungary’s leaders. Afterward, dine at a nearby restaurant and explore the City Park, which houses the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Budapest Zoo.

What to See on Day 3 in Budapest

Art and Culture Morning

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts, which houses an extensive collection of European art. Then, head to the Hungarian National Museum to learn about Hungary’s history from prehistoric times to the modern era.

Day 3 in Budapest Afternoon

Gran Sinagoga de Budapest.For a unique experience, visit the House of Terror, a museum documenting Hungary’s fascist and communist periods. Have lunch at a nearby restaurant and stroll through the Jewish Quarter, where you can see the Great Synagogue of Budapest.

Night on Day 3 in Budapest

Enjoy a performance at the Hungarian State Opera House. For dinner, choose a restaurant offering international cuisine or modern Hungarian dishes, and enjoy Budapest’s vibrant nightlife.

What to See on Day 4

Nature and Relaxation Morning

Spend your last day exploring Margaret Island, a tranquil park in the middle of the Danube ideal for biking or walking. Enjoy its gardens, fountains, and historic ruins.

Afternoon on Your Fourth Day in Budapest

Visit the Széchenyi Baths, one of the largest thermal baths in Europe, and relax in its numerous pools and saunas. If you have time, stroll through the City Park, where you can visit the Transport Museum and the Agricultural Museum.
Széchenyi Baths,

What to See at Night on Your Last Day in Budapest

Conclude your visit with dinner at one of the many traditional Hungarian restaurants. Try typical dishes like goulash and lángos, and enjoy one last night in this wonderful city.
Budapest is a city that combines history, culture, and natural beauty, offering an unforgettable experience to all its visitors. With this 4-day itinerary, you can explore the best of Budapest and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The 3 Best Hotels for a 4-Day Stay in Budapest

  1. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest: A luxury hotel located next to the Chain Bridge, famous for its art nouveau architecture and exceptional service.
  2. Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Hotel Collection: This boutique hotel combines a passion for music with elegant design, offering a unique experience with its rooftop spa and panoramic views.
  3. Corinthia Hotel Budapest: A historic hotel with a magnificent spa, gourmet restaurants, and a central location providing easy access to the city’s main attractions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About What to See and Do in Budapest in 4 Days

What is the Best Time to Visit Budapest?

The best time to visit Budapest is in spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer tourists.

What Currency is Used in Budapest?

The official currency of Budapest is the Hungarian forint (HUF).

Is it Necessary to Speak Hungarian to Visit Budapest?

It is not necessary to speak Hungarian to visit Budapest, as many people speak English, especially in tourist areas.

What are the Main Means of Transport in Budapest?

The main means of transport in Budapest are the metro, trams, and buses. It is also easy to get around on foot in the city center.

How Long is it Recommended to Stay in Budapest?

It is recommended to spend at least 3 to 4 days in Budapest to explore the main attractions and enjoy the city at a relaxed pace.