The origin of the Seville Fair: everything you didn’t know about this fair

The April Fair in Seville is one of the most important festivities in Spain. This celebration, which takes place in the capital of Andalusia, is an opportunity to get to know the culture, history and traditions of the region. If you are thinking of visiting Seville during the April Fair, don’t miss this complete guide on everything you need to know.

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Origin and when the first Feria of Seville was held

Seville’s April Fair has its origins in the 19th century, when a livestock fair was held in the city. This fair, which was known as “Feria de San Fernando”, was held in the month of August and lasted three days.

In 1846, it was decided to change the date of the fair and move it to April. In this way, the summer heat was avoided and the spring was taken advantage of, a time when Seville is full of color and life.

The first April Fair of Seville was held in 1847 and lasted a week. During these days, farmers and ranchers of the region gathered to show their products and carry out commercial transactions. In addition, booths and attractions were set up for the enjoyment of the citizens.

Why is it called April Fair?

Seville’s April Fair owes its name to the month in which it is celebrated. However, this festival also has an official name: “Feria de Abril de Sevilla y Feria de Ganado de Sevilla” (April Fair of Seville and Livestock Fair of Seville). This second name refers to the livestock roots of the fair and its origin as a commercial event.

When does the April Fair and its holidays begin?

Seville’s April Fair takes place one week after Easter, which means that the starting date varies each year. In 2023, the Seville April Fair will begin on Sunday, April 23 and end on Saturday, April 29.

During these days, Seville is transformed into a city full of life, color and joy. The streets are filled with people dressed in traditional costumes, the “casetas” open to offer food and drink, and the attractions and shows are non-stop.

The first day of the fair, known as “el pescaíto”, is one of the most important days. During this day, the traditional “pescaíto frito”, a typical dish of Sevillian gastronomy consisting of fried fish, is served.

Where does the Seville April Fair take place?

The April Fair of Seville is held in the fairgrounds of Los Remedios, located on the right bank of the Guadalquivir River. This enclosure has a total of 24 streets, each with its own booths and attractions.

Access to the fairgrounds is limited to authorized vehicles and people with access passes. For this reason, it is recommended to use public transport or cabs to reach the fairgrounds.

What are the cheapest days of the Feria de Abril?

During the Feria de Abril in Seville, the prices of the casetas, food and drink can vary greatly depending on the day and time. Generally, the cheapest days are weekdays, that is, Monday through Thursday.

If you want to save money during your visit to the Feria de Abril, we recommend that you avoid weekends and go to the casetas early in the afternoon, when prices are usually lower.

5 tips to enjoy the Feria de Abril

Dress for the occasion: If you want to feel like an authentic Sevillian, don’t hesitate to dress up in a flamenco dress or a short dress. If you do not have these outfits, you can rent them in some specialized stores.

  • Taste the typical food: During the April Fair, the “casetas” offer a great variety of typical dishes of the Sevillian gastronomy, such as ham, salmorejo, prawns and fried fish (pescaíto frito).
  • Dance sevillanas: Sevillanas are the traditional dance of the Feria de Abril. If you don’t know how to dance them, don’t worry, there will always be someone willing to teach you.
  • Visit the attractions: Seville’s April Fair has a wide variety of attractions for all ages, from the classic fairground rides to the most modern ones.
  • Enjoy the night: The Seville April Fair is especially beautiful at night, when the “casetas” are illuminated with colored lights and you can listen to the “sevillanas” (Sevillanas).

Seville’s April Fair is one of the most popular and traditional festivals in Spain. For a week, the Sevillian city becomes a place full of color, joy and flavor, where it is possible to enjoy a wide variety of cultural and gastronomic activities.

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