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the 8 best vegan hotels in Spain

In recent years, veganism has gone beyond being a mere dietary trend and has become a lifestyle that encompasses all aspects of daily life, including how we travel. Choosing a vegan hotel not only means enjoying a cuisine free of animal products but also supporting establishments committed to sustainability, animal welfare, and the environment. In this post, we will explore the 8 best vegan hotels in Spain, places where luxury and ethics come together to offer unforgettable experiences.

What Is a Vegan Hotel?

A vegan hotel goes beyond offering plant-based food options. These establishments are characterized by their philosophy of total respect for animals and the environment, which is reflected in all their services and products, from food to amenities provided in the rooms. A vegan hotel ensures that all products, including food, textiles, and toiletries, are 100% cruelty-free and, as far as possible, sustainable and eco-friendly.

When Is a Hotel Considered Vegan?

To be considered a vegan hotel, the establishment must meet certain essential criteria: offer a completely vegan cuisine, not use animal-derived products anywhere in its operation (including decoration, textiles, and cleaning products), and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Why Choose a Vegan Hotel?

Choosing a vegan hotel is a statement of principles. It is opting for a stay that guarantees not only personal enjoyment but also respect for living beings and the planet. In addition, these hotels are often located in privileged environments and offer exceptional quality and attention to detail, ensuring a unique and conscious travel experience.

The 8 Best Vegan Hotels in Spain

O Viso Ecovillage Vegan Hotel


Located in Galicia, O Viso Ecovillage is a rural vegan hotel for nature and veganism enthusiasts. This hotel not only offers sustainable accommodation but also features a vegan restaurant that uses organic and local products. Moreover, it is pet-friendly, allowing your four-legged companions to enjoy the stay with you.

Casa Albets Vegan Hotel

Casa Albets is a boutique hotel located in Lleida, Catalonia. This charming hotel, run by a family with a long vegan history, offers an exceptional culinary experience in its restaurant, where vegan dishes made from local and seasonal ingredients are served. Additionally, the hotel is pet-friendly, so you won’t have to leave your pet behind.



In the vibrant city of Sitges, Ibersol Antemare is known for its commitment to veganism and sustainability. Its restaurant offers a wide variety of vegan options, ensuring culinary delights for all guests. While it’s important to check the current pet-friendly policies, this hotel stands out for its focus on well-being and health.

Villa Vegana


In Mallorca, Villa Vegana stands as an oasis for vegan travelers. As one of the first 100% vegan establishments in Spain, this hotel offers not only accommodation and a restaurant with delicious vegan options but also workshops and events focused on veganism. Villa Vegana is also pet-friendly, allowing you to enjoy your vacation with your pet.

Hotel Alcadima


Located in Lanjarón, Granada, Hotel Alcadima offers a unique experience with its focus on vegan and healthy cuisine. While its restaurant offers options for all tastes, there is a special emphasis on vegan dishes using local products. This hotel also welcomes pets, ensuring a comfortable stay for all family members.

Catalonia Gran Via Madrid


In the heart of Madrid, Catalonia Gran Vía stands out for its modernity and its adaptation to the needs of vegan travelers. Its restaurant offers vegan options that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. Additionally, this hotel is pet-friendly, meaning you can explore the Spanish capital with your pet.

Agroturismo Sa Vinyeta

This charming agrotourism located in Ibiza is a perfect example of how luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. Sa Vinyeta offers a unique experience for those looking to unwind in a natural and serene environment with a strong ecological conscience. Its restaurant focuses on vegan and vegetarian dishes, using organic products grown in its own garden or sourced from local producers. Furthermore, this establishment is pet-friendly, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of Ibiza with their pets.

EcoHotel Rural & Spa Kaaño Etxea

Located in the heart of the Basque Country, Kaaño Etxea is more than just a hotel; it’s an eco-sustainable experience that invites guests to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the Basque rural environment. This EcoHotel and Spa offers a completely vegan stay, from menu options in its restaurant to products used in its spa. The hotel’s philosophy is based on total respect for the environment and animal life, which is reflected in every detail of the experience they offer. Kaaño Etxea also welcomes pets, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy a rejuvenating getaway.

Each of these vegan hotels in Spain offers something unique: from luxurious city stays to peaceful nature retreats, all committed to the respect for animals and the environment. Choosing any of these establishments for your next getaway will not only guarantee you an exceptional culinary experience and a comfortable stay but also support sustainable and ethical practices in the hotel industry.