The 12 Best Hotels with Jacuzzi in the Room in Barcelona

The 12 best Romantic Hotels with Jacuzzi in Barcelona.

Barcelona: A City of Romance and Luxury Hotel Stays with In-Room Jacuzzis

Barcelona, a city that exudes romance at every corner, is the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. Hotels with in-room jacuzzis add a touch of luxury and privacy, turning a simple night into an unforgettable experience. Here we present a carefully curated selection of the 12 best hotels in Barcelona for a romantic stay, all available for booking through Booking Hotel.

1. SB Diagonal Zero 4 SUP

SB Diagonal Zero 4 SUP

Location: Next to the Barcelona Forum, steps away from the beach.

Description: This hotel blends beach proximity with modern, elegant design. Rooms with jacuzzis offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, perfect for enjoying romantic sunsets. The hotel also boasts a full spa and a panoramic terrace, where couples can relax and take in the city views.

2. Pestana Arena Barcelona

2. Pestana Arena Barcelona

Location: In a quiet area near Plaza España and Montjuïc.

Description: Pestana Arena Barcelona is a tranquility oasis in the city. Its jacuzzi rooms are a perfect retreat for couples, combining comfort with modern design. Located near several gardens and parks, it’s ideal for romantic strolls after a relaxing bubble bath.

3. Roger de Llúria (Opción Deluxe)

Roger de Llúria (Opción Deluxe

Location: In the heart of Barcelona, close to Paseo de Gracia.

Description: A gem for lovers of luxury and history. The Deluxe rooms with jacuzzis define elegance, offering an intimate and sophisticated ambiance. Its location allows couples to easily explore some of Barcelona’s most iconic spots.

5. Catalonia Port

 Catalonia Port

Location: In the historic and vibrant Born district.

Description: Catalonia Port is a charming hotel offering a romantic experience in the heart of Born. The jacuzzi rooms are a cozy retreat after a day exploring the history and culture-filled streets. The hotel is surrounded by excellent dining options, perfect for romantic dinners.

5. Sixtytwo


Location: On the exclusive Paseo de Gracia.

Description: This boutique hotel is synonymous with elegance and exclusivity. The jacuzzi rooms combine modern design and comfort, creating an intimate and luxurious atmosphere. Its location on Paseo de Gracia is perfect for couples who enjoy high-end shopping and modernist architecture.

6. H10 Urquinaona Plaza

H10 Urquinaona Plaza

Location: In a historic building in the city center.

Description: H10 Urquinaona Plaza blends history with modernity. Its jacuzzi rooms are a tranquility oasis amidst the city’s hustle. The hotel’s terrace offers spectacular views, ideal for enjoying a sunset drink.

7. Catalonia Plaza Catalunya

Catalonia Plaza Catalunya

Location: Close to the famous Plaza Catalunya.

Description: This hotel offers a perfect mix of classic elegance and modern comfort. The jacuzzi rooms are spacious and luxurious, ideal for unwinding after a day of city exploration. The hotel also features a pool and gym, adding an extra touch of comfort to your stay.

8. Acevi Villarroel

Acevi Villarroel

Location: In the modern Eixample district.

Description: Acevi Villarroel stands out for its contemporary design and wellness services. The jacuzzi rooms are modern and relaxing retreats, perfect for couples. The hotel also has a full spa and an outdoor pool, ideal for enjoying Barcelona’s climate.

9. Cram


Location: In the lively Eixample neighborhood.

Description: Cram combines innovative design with high-level gastronomy. The jacuzzi rooms are modern and cozy, offering an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant is a must for couples who love fine dining.

10. SB Plaza Europa

Location: Near the Gran Vía 2 shopping center.

Description: An excellent choice for couples looking to combine relaxation with shopping. The jacuzzi rooms offer elegant and functional design, perfect for resting after a shopping day. The hotel’s terrace provides impressive views, ideal for a romantic moment.

11. ABaC Restaurant Hotel Barcelona GL Monumento


Location: In the tranquil Sarrià-Sant Gervasi area.

Description: ABaC offers a luxury and tranquility experience. The jacuzzi rooms are the pinnacle of comfort, surrounded by peaceful gardens. The hotel’s award-winning restaurant is a destination itself for gastronomy lovers.

12. The One Barcelona GL

12. The One Barcelona GL

Location: Close to Gaudí’s masterpieces on Paseo de Gracia.

Description: The epitome of luxury and sophistication. The jacuzzi rooms are sanctuaries of elegance and comfort, with attention to detail in every corner. The hotel’s spa and terrace offer relaxation spaces and spectacular views, completing an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels with Jacuzzis in Barcelona

  • How can I ensure the room has a jacuzzi when booking? When booking through Booking Hotel, specify in the filters or room description that you want a room with a jacuzzi. You can also contact the hotel directly to confirm.
  • Are these hotels suitable for special celebrations like anniversaries? Yes, many of these hotels offer additional services for celebrations, such as romantic dinners, special decorations, and wellness packages.
  • Can I request additional services like flowers or champagne in the room? Most hotels offer these services upon request. It’s advisable to contact the hotel in advance to arrange special details.
  • Are there flexible cancellation policies in case of plan changes? Cancellation policies vary by hotel and booked rate. It’s important to review these conditions when booking.
  • Are these hotels close to major tourist attractions in Barcelona? Yes, all these hotels are well-located, either in the city center or near major tourist attractions, making it easy to explore Barcelona.

Conclusions on the Best Hotels with In-Room Jacuzzis in Barcelona

Barcelona shines not only for its hotel offerings but also for its rich history, culture, and art. A stay in one of these hotels with in-room jacuzzis is the perfect opportunity to explore all that this vibrant city has to offer. From strolling down Las Ramblas to admiring the majesty of the Sagrada Familia, every moment in Barcelona is a memory to cherish. If you’re planning a short stay, don’t miss this useful article on what to see in Barcelona in two days. And for history and architecture enthusiasts, delving into the history of the Sagrada Familia is an enriching experience.

Whether you’re looking for a night of passion, a memorable anniversary, or simply a romantic getaway, these hotels with in-room jacuzzis in Barcelona promise to make your stay unforgettable. Book your room through Booking Hotel and prepare to experience magical moments in one of the world’s most romantic cities.t